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Fundacion Natura Poster

Client: Fundación Natura
Project: Book and poster

Fundación Natura is a non-governmental institution that promotes biodiversity conservation, sustainable management of natural resources, and prevention and control of environmental pollution to improve the quality of life of the population through management processes and environmental education. In 1999 the members of the Biology Department of this Institution developed a research study: "Estudio de la Población del Clanclon Anhima Cornuta y su Habitad en la Reserva Ecológica Manglares Churute, Ecuador" (English translation, "The Study of Clanclon Anhima cornuta's population and its habitat in the "Manglares Churute" Ecological Reserve, Ecuador"). The Clanclon (Anhima cornuta) is an endangered Ecuadorian bird. I was contracted to design the book about this researching. Because of the Canclon is not an attractive bird it was necessary the use of filters in Adobe Photoshop to give it some artistic appeal, And I used this illustration on the book cover. The editorial design was made with Adobe Illustrator using green and orange tones in tables, graphics and lists. Additionally, I designed the poster about the Clanclon to be shown in primary schools during educational talks to children.


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