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Logo Hostal Llanovientos

Logo Llanovientos Hostal



Stationery Hostal Llanovientos

Stationery Hostal Llanovientos



Brochure for advertising in hotels and tourist agencies

Brochure Llanovientos Hostel


Bookmark for visitors of Hostal Llanovientos


Bookmark Hostal Llanovientos



Magnetic pocket notebook for visitors in conferences at Hostal Llanovientos

magnetic pocket notebook

Client: Hostal Llanovientos
Project: logo, stationery and brochure

Llanovientos is a hostel located in Baños, an important tourist city of the Andine region of Ecuador, South America. The owner engaged me to design the logo and the applications in promotional material such as stationery, brochures and merchandising. Baños is principally known for its thermal pools filled with the hot waters of the Tungurahua volcano and the cold waters from nearby mountains. The hostel is located in the highest part of the city, where the fresh breeze gives a peaceful rest to the visitor. For that, its name is Llanovientos (Hill of the Winds). In order to create the logo, I used Adobe Illustrator to design a windmill but with some wavy parts. This icon has two aquamarine tones and together with the proposal shapes, connotes the elements: water and wind. The design of the stationery and pieces of merchandising suggested (pocket notebook and bookmark) has a very subtle application of the logo in watermarks.

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