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Logos and Branding

Logo Japo

Client: Japo
Project: logo

My client owns a Japanese toy shop and he asked for the creation of a logo that connotes movement, games, happiness and kids.

Using Adobe Illustrator I designed this logo inspired in the silhouette of a child summersaulting and, at the same time, the eyes of his mother, who always wants the best for her child and of course that is who has the final decision of purchase. I used the same red colour of the Japanese flag and also, a font that has some similarity to the dynamic Japanese characters but of course that is legible for occidental customers.

Logo & Branding Fetur


Stationery Parelsol

Stationery Fetur

Client: Fetur S.A.
Project: logo and stationery

At a workshop in my University, we were engaged to create a communication plan that included: branding design, slogan and a complete advertising campaign for the Ecuadorian company of tourist railways, Fetur S.A. In Adobe Illustrator I designed a typographic logo using the brand name and the colours of the Ecuadorian flag: yellow, blue and red. I created an icon inspired by the locomotive (train engine) and I added the slogan "Encarrilate al Ecuador" (English translation, "get back on track to Ecuador"), devised for the advertising campaign. The slogan was applied to all the corporative graphic supports to help the fast positioning of the campaign concept. The logo was applied to business cards, stationery and stickers.

Logo Parelsol


Stationery Parelsol

Stationery Parelsol

Client: Parelsol S.A.
Project: logo and stationery.

Parelsol is a company that sells parasols. In Adobe Illustrator I designed a typographic logo that included an icon, in orange and red colours, that represents the sun and the sunrays, as well as respresenting the superior view of a umbrella.



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