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Illustration for wishing well (night)

Wishing well | Illustration homepage


Illustration for wishing well (day)

Wishing well | Illustration homepage

Illustrations for Homepage

Whishing WellClient: Secret Wishing Well
Project: Illustrations

The client needed a set of illustrations for his Website that attracts young people to use it and that serves as a link to an online bookstore. Inspired by the magical elements such as the wishing well, fairies, coins, etc; I designed two attractive experiences for the visitors: the illustrations of the wishing well for day and night, where the visitor can type a wish and also it can help as a connection with the bookstore.

Illustrations for Website

Website Aquelarre 2001


Website Aquelarre 2001


Client: Aquelarre
Project: Illustration for Website

Aquelarre is a graphic design and visual communication studio, where I had the opportunity to work. I was asked to design the Website for the company, so inspired by the aquelarre name meaning (group of witches) I designed a town of witches. Each house linked to a section of the Website: Home (El Aquelarre), Portfolio (The Spells), FAQ (The Oracle) and Contacts.



Other designs

Web Designer

eb DesignerClient: Ingles Gratis
Project: Template for Website

Ingles gratis is a company that offers free English courses for Spanish speakers and also pdf content to download for free.

New Zealand


Business card Dr Marcelo Vieira


Business card Dr Marcelo Vieira


Promotional material


Prescritpion Form

Client: Dr Marcelo Vieira
Project: Business card and prescription form

Patients of Dr Vieira are mainly kids, for this reason I decided to use bright colours in my design. I also integrated the shape of a stethoscope.

Logo of Joyas de Plata

Logo Joyas de Plata


Promotional material

Promotional material for jewellerly shop

Client: Joyas de Plata Shop
Project: Logo and packaging.

Joyas de plata is a shop of silver jewellery specializing in Pre-Columbian designs. They wished to have a simple logo in black colour that reflects one Pre-Columbian element, so I chose to work with a Pre-Columbine snake shape. I designed the logo, which was applied to signs inside the shop window, business card, and also a bag with the shape cut of logo icon.


Horizontal notebook covers

Notebook cover Illustration in purple

Notebook cover Illustration in orange

Vertical notebook covers

Notebook vertical format

Notebook illustration in fucshia

Notebook illustration in blue


The CollectionIllustrations for homepages

Client: Imprenta Segura
Project: Illustration of notebook covers

The client asked for a set of illustrations for vertical and horizontal notebook covers. Also he wished one simple design with maximum two colours per cover to reduce the cost of printing. In Adobe Illustrator I made a composition with different icons of my own design and I used the same template in all the designs, using different colours for each one.


Project No. 1

Producion TV Signage

Project No. 2

Producion TV Signage

Client: Universidad Casa Grande
Project: Signage for audiovisual studio

During my study year in the Faculty of Communication, I made a project about the external signage for the
Audiovisual and Multimedia room.

My design was a composition using illustrations of the silhouette of the most representative equipment in class:cameras on tripods and lighting. Also because of the principle colour used in a production studio is the black (for avoiding the reflection of light)I decided that this would be a perfect match for my composition. I hand-drafted the elements, then using Adobe Photoshop I scanned them and the final step was to vectorize them in Adobe Illustrator in order to create two proposals.